Wheel be away for awhile

To our loyal readers,

As you can see, we have returned home for the holidays. We plan to work for the next few months in order to accrue capital for our west coast adventure (April 2015).

Thank you for all the minutes and hours you have spent reading our blog and sending us messages. We have felt continually loved and supported by our original readers and all the ones we’ve picked up along the way.

Happy holidays and check back for more adventures in April!

Anna and Leah


3 thoughts on “Wheel be away for awhile

  1. Wow! I’m am so impressed with all that you 2 have done in what seems like a short time. It seems like just yesterday that Kate, Sisu, Maggie and I were graced by you 2. I’m so happy to read about your experience and all the great people you have encountered gives me faith in humanity. I’m currently remodeling my office so if you ever come back through you will have a proper guest room. Have a great holiday season, new year and enjoy the break.

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