Key West, FL

We got an early start and biked the last thirty miles to Key West. IMG_3206.JPGWe made it to the southernmost part of our trip! And the continental United States!


We had second breakfast at a restaurant called the Six Toed Cat (after Hemmingway’s six toed cats) and then headed down to the pier to watch the SMART ride finish.

We had run into someone earlier on who was training for the ride (our friend Robert) and we became more impressed as we learned more. It’s a fundraiser for services for people with HIV/AIDS and 100% of the funds raised are donated to services, not research. Over 450 people rode the 165 miles from Miami to Key West this year and they raised over 1.1 million dollars!

We just happened to be in Key West in the final day of the ride and saw their procession to the pier and the very moving closing ceremony.

Our host is a warm showers person who did the SMART ride and let us stay with him and his partner and friends in their suite.

IMG_3239.JPG(The view of the sunset from the suite.)

A really generous offer that didn’t stop there! We went out to dinner and then down to Duval Street with them. We had so much fun getting to know everyone and learning about Duval Street (the happening street) and Key West history.

IMG_3249.JPG A carving at a restaurant.

IMG_3253.JPG On the wall at a soap store


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